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I like Perfectmatch simply because I think they have got a great match making system. Period. I won't apologize for saying this but most christian online dating services are just bad. If Christian dating is as simple as just going through profiles of self-professed christians slapped with some paragraphs of their likes and dislikes along with a cute photograph, then we are truly doing our good God a disservice.

According a report taken from The Christian Post, "After months of revived debate over divorce and its increasing acceptance among Americans, a new study affirmed born again Christians are just as likely as the average American couple to divorce. The Barna Group found in its latest study that born again Christians who are not evangelical were indistinguishable from the national average on the matter of divorce with 33 percent having married and divorced at least once. Among all born again Christians, which includes evangelicals, the divorce figure is 32 percent, which is statistically identical to the 33 percent figure among non-born again adults, the research group noted."

Of course, I won't claim that a couple who is matched through an exhaustive matching system will fare better in a marriage. And neither is a couple who met through some serendipity occurence better off than someone who is match made through a system. Marriage is a life long journey for Christians, and it can get pretty complicated. If you are just praying to land a life partner and not doing anything pro-actively, then I am afraid you are indeed shortchanging yourself.

Another reason why I am a strong proponent of finding a date through a comprehensive matching is because there are just too many elements of unknown invovled when you date and eventually marry someone. I know the churches are deeply aware of the challenges of christian divorces if not why are they conducting pre-marital courses for their own members, and some are even making it complusory before the pastor is even willing to marry the couple in the presence of God.

So PerfectMatch's matching is probably not perfect but it sure does improve one's chance of finding a partner that is close to "perfection". Why leave it to chance when you can use science to improve the probability of a successful marriage. I don't recommend Perfectmatch only because it promotes gay lifestyle. Nothing more and nothing less, as I have alluded in my previous articles. I love all my gay friends but I won't promote it. In fact, I am still trying to understand what happened to them. Until I do so, I won't recommend

As a Christian, you must understand that every dollar you put into this dating service is literally going into the promotion and support of sexual immorality which will ultimately lead to broken lives and homes. Support the real christian dating services instead.

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