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As a result of my post, I received an email from one of the staff at Spark. They wanted to assure me that Christian Mingle is now managed by a new team, and they have renamed themselves, The name might have changed, but the ownership is under Spark.Net which operates other sites that support and promote gay lifestyle. My stand is still the same, use only godly christian dating services.

Do not support support Christian Mingle or better known as During my research on this online christian dating service, I was happy to read their Statement of Faith. The next thing I did was to click on its About page, I found out that ChristianMingle is a registered trademark of MingleMatch, Inc.

I wanted to find out who owns the business and what other businesses are they involved in? Click on Everything about this company looks good until I read that they have been acquired by Spark Network who also own a dozen other dating sites such as AmericanSingles and JDate. Read this press release, here.

So what's the problem with Christian Mingle then? When you susbcribe to their service, you are also indirectly supporting Spark Network which promotes gay lifestyle.

It is a shame that Christians alot of times today are known better for what they are against than what they are for, I love my gay friends but that does not mean I approve of their lifestyle and I certainly do not want to promote it.

Fellow brothers and sisters, it's time to take a radical stand for Christ. Do not use the dating service provided at Christian Mingle. Every dollar you put into this dating service is literally going into the promotion and support of sexual immorality which will ultimately lead to broken lives and homes. Support the real christian dating services instead.

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