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eHarmony Free Trial? Discover the Truth Here!

Registered Users: 41 million
Marriages Produced: 220,000 per year
Corporate Office: 300 N. Lake Ave. Suite 1111 Pasadena, CA 91101
Toll-Free Tel: 1-800-648-9548 (Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm PST)
US Website:
UK Website:
AU Website:

There is really no free trial listed on their sites, however upon closer inspection at eHarmony's Terms & Conditions (right at the bottom), you will realize it does offer a full refund within 3 days. But frankly, 3 days is hardly enough time for you to be matched! Hear me out as to why eHarmony is still worth your hard earned money...

I like Neil Clark Warren, founder of eHarmony. and his clinical approach to dating. As a clinical pscychologist for nearly 40 years and also someone who has been married to the same women for almost 50 years, he knows something about dating, period.

Let me explain, as a father of 3 daugthers, he was worried about whether each of them would marry the right guy. Further to being a pschologist, Neil is also a theologian who had counselled thousands of couples. According to him, "Half the people who get married in America are ending up divorced, and of those who stay together, half say they are not happy,".

To find out why marriages failed, he conducted over 500 "divorce autopsies", interviewing the former spouses, their children and even their parents. He discovered that over 70 per cent of the couples indicated that they were in pretty deep trouble when they first get married. As a result, Neil started to wonder how he could help people do a better job at selecting a life mate.

The clinical pscychologist in him decided to administer a series of standard tests to 800 married couple to assess their compatibility. After a rigorous statistical analysis, he ended up with some interesting findings. 25% of them were in the very happily married category, the next 25% were in pretty happy but not totally category, the third 25% were not very happy at all but were not ready to quit and the last 25% were in the very discouraged category.

What was even more interesting is this, when he compared the very happily married people with the very discouraged people, these 2 groups had significantly very different answers in 29 catergories of his standard test. Thus, he hypothesised that if he could bring people together with similar respones in those categories, the likelihood that they would find the ideal partner would soar!

Thus was launched and their very comprehensive matching system has resulted in over 100,000 marriages! Basically almost anyone can go into their matching system, and the only barrier I know is the 486 questions (29 categories - 14 sections) one has to fill up before they can be matched. You are only allowed to view the introductory information about your matches at no charge. You only pay when you are ready to take the next step and communicate with the matches you've received.

Personally I think this free personality profile is extremely detailed and is worth taking even if you are not so serious about dating, it does help you understand who you are and what you need in a long-term relationship. And if everybody is as honest as you are with yourself, the answers determine who you will meet eventually.

What Can You Expect in the Beginning?
Immediately after you complete the basic information such as your name , your email, if you are a man seeking a women, or women seeking man, a password, your country and how you found them, you are next required to complete the personality profile questionaire filled with 14 categories of questions.

Be absolutely sure you will be undisturbed for at least 30 minutes, the questions to be answered, include your preferences, values and interests. And remember you only get to do this once, and the results cannot be altered, so take your time. Watch Out Also For TimeOut, make sure you saved your questionaire whenever possible.

Section 1 is on Self Descriptions, you are to rate the attributes from a scale of 1 to 7, take a look at the sample of this section, Section 1

Section 2 is on Personal Characteristics, about 50 plus statements ranging from, I enjoy work for work's sake, I like to play pranks on others and My mind does much better with facts and figures than with concepts. Take a look at the sample of this section, See a sample of section 2

Section 3: About Your Feelings. See a sample of section 3

Section 4: Important Qualities. This is the secion where you share with the system, what are some of the important characteristics you want in a partner. Section 4 Sample

Section 5 is on Personal Beliefs, eHarmony is not just for christian singles anymore. In this section you tell the system you are a Christian and that you would like to meet another christian. See a sample of Section 5

Section 6: About Your Personality. True or False answers. You are almost 50% done with the questionaire. Sample of Section 6

Section 7: Your Personal Interests, rating your interest from a scale of 1 to 7. These range from horse riding to motor sports and much more. Section 7

Section 8: Living Skills is the place where you are to rate your approximate level of skill in areas such as achieving personal goals, resolving conflict, car maintenance and repair etc. See a sample of Section 8

Section 9: Communication Style is about how you respond when in conflict

Section 10: Relationship Style is about the way you relate to another person. See a sample of Section 10

Section 11: Most and Least Like You is the hardest set of question to answer by far. See a sample of Section 11. With a choice of Most and Least like you, you really have to take it really slow over here. But be mindful of timeout, as your answers would not be saved and you would need to redo the section again.

Section 12: Family Relationships is about finding out your relationship with your parents (or guardians) when you were growing up. See a sample of Section 12

Section 13: General Information is the place you fill in details such as your income, your occupation, and the ethnic group you belong to and the 11 ethnic groups you would like to meet. This is also the section you get to put in details about your physical appearance. Information like if you smoke, your education, if you drink etc. See a sample of Section 13

Section 14: Matching Information is the place you tell eHarmony where you are from, and where you would like your partner to come from geographically. Canadians should enter their postal code in the system with a space between the first 3 characters and the last 3 three characters. Format should look like this: N8S 1P9. See a sample of Section 14

Important Things To Note Before You Use eHarmony

  • Candidates who are separated will not be matched.

  • What to expect next after taking the personality profile?
    Just wait patiently for a match to come through. With the same log-in details that was provided for your profile test, you will be prompted if there is a match, and in that same page, you can place your Match into the following 4 categories...New, Communicating, On Hold and Closed. There is a cap of 20 matches.

    Once a match is found, there are 4 stages to communicate with him/her as dictated by the system called the Guided Communication process.

    Stage One bascially allows you to learn about your match's occupation, proudest moment, and most important influences, which are all described in the match’s own words. It's a great way find out your match's interests, and will aid in your selection of questions to ask in Stage Two.

    At Stage Two, you get to choose five easy-to-answer, but informative questions to ask your match. An example like: "If you were taken by your date to a party where you knew no one, how would you respond?"

    a) Stay close to my date, letting him/her introduce me
    b) Find a quiet spot and relax alone
    c) Strike out on my own and make friends
    d) Ask my date if I could skip the event

    In this stage, you may also compose your own answers to your match's questions, if you wish. If things are looking good, you may then decide to move on to Stage Three. It consists of reviewing and exchanging your personal list of "Must Haves" and "Can't Stands" with your match.

    At the last stage, Stage Four, you are to exchange three open-ended questions. Although you can create your own questions, eHarmony also provides some samples from which you may choose.

    Last but not least, eHarmony will then provide a safe, anonymous place for you to send and receive email, help you to exchange photos, help you prepare for that important first meeting with their educational resources and expert forums.

    Customer Testimonial

    "I tell you,, it's almost like going to a store and picking out exactly what you want... What can I say, the chemistry just clicked." Kenneth Jones, San Marcos, Texas

    My Verdict
    If you're emotionally healthy, heterosexual and want to get married, there is no reason why you should not subscribe to their service, afterall there is no payment needed unless you want to communicate with a match. If you do not restrict yourself to meeting other singles in offline places, why would you do that online? And trust me, for someone to complete those 400 plus questions to look for a relationship, you can almost be sure they are very serious about marriage.

    And because the matching is VERY stringent, he/she might just be your soulmate. Though some might lament that there are no pictures of the potential date for you to view, but I honestly feel that looks shouldn't be your first piriority!

    And even if you are already using other dating services , there is really no harm is taking their free personality profile. In fact, if you are already dating someone, encourage him or her to take this test too. Take a look at the sample report, here. Remember , there is a 3 days free trial or Money-Back-Guarantee, but only applicable to first timers.

    For UK visitors, please visit this link to sign up instead.

    For Australian visitors, please visit this link to sign up instead.

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