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Great Expectations Dating Review

Feedback From My Readers About Great Expectations, Perhaps You Can Help?
I do not personally recommend Great Expectations dating service as I have been getting mixed comments from visitors to my website. I have compiled them and hopefully you can make a more informed decision about the most appropriate dating site. I have been getting more negative comments than positive ones so I have created 2 pages for them. You can verify the comments, they are real and I did not solicit them.

For negative review on Great Expectations, click here.

For positive review, click here

If you have other comments about Great Expectations dating service, please let me know. Of all the singles dating services I looked at, I was attracted to because of the fact that it does not promote gay relationship.

Unlike most matchmaking services, it determines your profile but matches you manually instead of electronically. And if you are ever concerned about the safety and validity of dating online, fear not, a staff from will actually call up your prospective dates to interview and verify the facts they have provided.

Call it old-fashion but the thoroughly interviewed and carefully screened dates are well worth the pricey paid membership. Truly, this service is only meant for those who are serious about finding their life partners, serial daters need not apply.

Unfortunately, feedback from users have not been very positive lately, I personally recommend you hold off using their service, check out our recommended dating services instead.

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