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August 9, 2005 15:50 - Divorce Statistics: Christian Advice

Why talk about divorce statistics even before I get serious with dating? Well, simply because most people started out in the wrong path right from the day they conceive the idea of dating. I cannot verify the following divorce statistics, it was taken from a newsletter sent by Dr Mort Fertel. He said...

It's well known that 50% of FIRST marriages end in

Do you know what percent of SECOND marriages end
in divorce?

It should be LESS THAN 50%, right? After all, who
would make those same painful mistakes again?
People marrying a second time have the "benefit"
of knowing what kind of person to pick this time,

Wrong, the divorce rate for SECOND
marriages is 70%! And THIRD marriages; closer to

I have not idea if he is a Christian but I thought he was spot on what he further added, ...the key to succeeding in marriage is NOT finding the right person; it's YOU becoming the right person. Your relationship is not simply a function of who you pick; it's also a function of who you are. The same character and personality you want in a mate should be the same qualities you should possess too. The wisdom to decide who your mate should be must come from God, christian dating services can only do much, you would do well to seek the counsel of those whom you know are having a great christian marriage. Pray over this.

Dr Mort Fertel's website. (Go to URL)

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